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In Africa and most parts of the world, basically the underdeveloped parts, where getting a job is quite challenging, Internships should not be taken lightly. Internships are pre-professional practical exposure to activities in or at the workplace. Internships or what people normally call ‘attachment’ gives an opportunity to students especially, and sometimes graduates to gain relevant knowledge, practical skills, and valuable experience in their prospective career scope.

The opportunity provides a room for people to learn and equip themselves properly to be a suitable fit for the job market. It also gives people the employable skills to be on top of the game and place them on top of the list of job seekers in a highly competitive market.

Internships present you the opportunity to network extensively and make the best out of those networks. Building a strong and relevant network is an innovative approach to acquire a permanent job. Networks provide you with lifetime mentors who can shape your career and even personal thoughts and actions and also redirect your path to realize your full potential in achieving your career and personal goals.

Internships are a strategic method of gaining a permanent job. Those who are usually diligent, hardworking and dedicated to the job are normally selected to work full time by their recruiters. Recommendations and reference letters from managers also help to secure a job faster in a competitive job setting.

In addition to these advantages, Internships also provide an opportunity to see if the particular career field is right for you. Through personal experience in the field, interns can examine and assess themselves if they are actually a good fit for that job field or if they can effectively handle a particular responsibility within the field of work. This shapes their thinking and makes them reconsider their career choices properly. Interns are able to analyze their capabilities, interests, and weigh their level of work so they make themselves better before getting a permanent job.

Lastly, Internships strengthen resumes or curriculum vitae. Experiences add weight to resumes and make employers likely to pick you out of the many. Entry level talent recruiters want evidence that you can do the work you are applying for, they are now interested in people who have some level of experience and skills rather than one with a generic resume lacking skills and experiences. Gaining these experiences and skills through Internships enrich your resume and gives recruiters a reason to employ you.

With all said, it is imperative to choose an Internship opportunity based on your interest and career prospects. Again, there is a need to know the appropriate environment that is likely to unleash your potentials and give you the relevant skills and knowledge you need. In the quest for finding this, I present the Africa Internship Academy as the right avenue.


The Africa Internship Academy (AIA) is a youth employment accelerator that connects Africa’s young talents through Internships and mentorships. It is a youth employment accelerator in Ghana that trains higher education students and graduates to gain entrepreneurial and employable skills.

After training Interns for a month, AIA proceeds to assign mentors to them and connect them to employers looking for entry-level talents in fields ranging from SMEs to large corporate and state-owned enterprises from various sectors, including retail, tourism, banking, business process outsourcing, and manufacturing.

Because AIA recruits candidates from across Africa, they cultivate a talent pool of diverse backgrounds and cultures that their network of companies can access to enhance their diversity recruitment and inclusion strategies.

Interns have the opportunity to overcome employment barriers and jump-start their careers, while employers ensure their workforce progression now, and for years to come.

Alongside the advantages, AIA provides a certificate at the end of the duration and ensures managers give recommendations to you after completing your external internship with them.

After the two months of internship, you become a fellow and get entitled to monthly newsletters which are made up of job-related articles, job openings across Africa and activities that add more knowledge and provide you with insight about jobs.

Searching for a place to start your next internship, look no further than Africa Internship Academy.

A practical work background carries a major significance in a job search. Professionalism, integrity, and responsibility are a must for all interns no matter the opportunity you engage in. Questions are essential methods of learning hence Interns must develop the art of asking questions.


AIA 6th cohort begins this week. Observe trends on social media by following and liking the handles.

Facebook: @followaia

Twitter:      @InternsAcademy

Instagram: @followaia

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