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As part of our Starter Pack Program, and to create a sense of recognition, we emailed a business profile survey to all SMEs and created a short profile of people who responded. Today we present yet another enthusiastic Ghanaian entrepreneur.

Meet Kofi Mintah, a 36 year old graduate who currently holds a Bachelor of Education Certificate from the University of Education Winneba in Ghana.

Kofi, as people usually call him is a visionary and result-oriented man possessing a strong self-driven entrepreneurial attitude, which is characterized by initiative, pro-activity, independence and innovation in personal and social life. He also driven by motivation and determination to meet objectives, whether personal, or goals held in common with others. His motivation towards setting up his own social venture was to help solve the long term effects of the incessant nature of environmental pollution.

Kofi is very passionate about social enterprise, in his words, ‘before starting the business, I worked with a facility management and cleaning services. I was fascinated with cleaning and related services; I would spend my free time learning about the latest in this field. Because of my background, interests, and adventurous spirit, I experiment various ways to do things differently with the hope of arriving at a better option.’ According to him, cleaning and related services are real necessities of living, and has a huge income market.

Kofi Mintah

The promising Ghanaian entrepreneur believes that the road to success is not always rosy thus, being an entrepreneur involves a lot of risks. What keeps him on his feet is his sense of determination, perseverance, self-motivation and passion to work and serve his country. His results oriented characteristics in social enterprise business have won him more networks and referrals to achieve the business’s objectives.

His core aim of setting up his business was to give back to the community and the country by means of ensuring sanitation is at its best condition. Also, through recruitments of people in his venture, he is contributing a quota to solving the prominent and pertinent issue of unemployment in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.

Help support Kofi Mintah’s initiative in any ways possible; referrals and business contracts will be very much appreciated.

Connect and get interactive with Kofi now.

Tel: 0209111038

Email: [email protected]

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