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As part of our Starter Pack Program, and to create a sense of recognition, we emailed a business profile survey to all SMEs and created a short profile of people who responded. Today we present yet another enthusiastic Ghanaian entrepreneur.

Meet Felicia Mensah, a 40 years old alumnus of the Steven's Henager College in USA, she holds an MBA certificate from the school.

Felicia didn’t think of herself as an entrepreneur some time back, according to her, if she was ever told that one day she would start a business, she would never have believed it. The passion to guarantee small businesses grow beyond the first generation has been her outmost drive in her entrepreneurial journey. She also understands that ‘drive’ comes with hard work, tenacity, relationship building and ability to be a problem solver.

What motivated her to start something was the zeal to solve business failures. She said, ‘I realized that small businesses are somewhat crippled in running their business due to a number of factors. Although in Ghana, the private sector is the backbone of the Ghanaian economy there was a significant percentage that could not survive past 20 years of their existence. One major factor contributing to this was poor business management practices. While there were companies providing business support services they were expensive and out of reach for small businesses. I recognized that through cost controlled measures and technology, I could offer these services at a lowered cost. I therefore decided to set up a business support service centered on Market Research, Accounting and Tax, Customer Service and Human Resource Services. The business support services I provide ensured that my clients save time and cost and also focus on their core business goals.

The idea was generated after she had an opportunity to travel outside the country. She learnt the depth of customer service and how that affected the bottom line of businesses. When she returned to Ghana, she found out that the view of businesses concerning customer service was entirely different hence she started volunteering for businesses in her network and trained them on the value of excellent customer service to their businesses. Soon she recognized that smaller businesses needed more than customer service training to survive, grow and compete, she therefore put together a bespoke suite of services specifically for small businesses. This was the genesis of her business idea.

felicia Mensah

Initially, she began the business by volunteering to some ventures in her network. When the businesses recognized the value addition she brought to their business, they began to pay for her services. She gathered some capital from family funds and was able able to fully execute her business idea.

Setting up a business has always been tough but Felicia understood that she did not need money to run the business. She explained, ‘money was not needed to run my business, what was needed was credibility and relationships. As a person, who was an introvert, I worked hard on my networking skills and formed relationships based on trust. I looked at problems those in my network had and provided proactive solutions. I always asked my clients for feedback and worked towards improving my relationship with them. My family was supportive as well. My husband understood that in the early stages of the business we would not reap profits and thus he did not pressurize me to make money. He was my fiercest critic and shared my failures. I also discovered that I needed to learn more subsequently, the internet, my team and colleagues became my learning hubs.’

Felicia has been running her company for two years. Within these years, she won the YBN Female Entrepreneur of the year in 2017 and was also featured in Biz Trends TV Show in May 2018. The number of clients for her company keeps growing with excellent recommendations each passing day. These are some prominent achievements she has attained within just two years of kicking off.

Felicia is an icon of women empowerment, irrespective of the dominant stereotypes in the Ghanaian setting; she has strived through with hardword, persistence and focus. Support her great initiative so she can extend to other parts of Africa, employ more people to curb the rate of unemployment and also empower more women across the African continent.

Connect and get interactive with Felicia now.

Tel: 0241146756

Email: [email protected]

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