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As part of our Starter Pack Program, and to create a sense of recognition, we emailed a business profile survey to all SMEs and created a short profile of people who responded. Today we present yet another enthusiastic Ghanaian entrepreneur.

Meet Emmanuel Ossom a 43 years old graduate of the Jyvaskyla University School of Business and Economics in Finland. Emmanuel holds a PhD and is a certified entrepreneurship educator and coach of Babson College in USA. He actively identifies business ideas and likes to act on them. According to him, he imparts entrepreneurship mindset to both youngsters and adults as a tool to enable them become entrepreneurs too.

The visionary man ventured into the field of entrepreneurship so he could make an impact on Ghana's economy and the world at large. He wanted to have the freedom to implement the ideas he had in getting things done right for better results that would benefit as many people as possible. Aside these, he wanted to also be his own boss, and earn a bigger income.

His passion and background in entrepreneurship took him on a restless active search to identify the gaps in the market and exploit them. He realized there was an academic-industry skill gap that was hurting both industry and academia, he therefore established his company which sought to contribute in filling the gap by rolling out a number of services including entrepreneurship mindset development programmes and activities, and professional apprenticeship programmes. After testing the ideas to be actual market gaps, he registered the company and started providing services to some clients.

Emmanuel Ossom with some clients

Emmanuel outlined the challenges he faced as ‘time’ and ‘capital’, in his words, ‘time was one of the major constraints because I lecture as well, so had to work almost 60 hours per week, to see to the construction of my website, to go round testing my concept with prospective clients, to develop the contents of my services. Another constraint was funding, it has not been easy and still not easy raising money for website development, building contents of services, and raising almost USD9,000 to upgrade my professional development in entrepreneurship education and coaching at the Babson College in USA  (the world leader in Entrepreneurship Education and production of entrepreneurs for 25 years in a row).’

Since its inception and still at the infantile stage, the company has succeeded in funding the CEO to travel to Babson College in USA for further professional development in line with the mission of the company for better delivery of services, it has also started serious advertisement to the target market, and is currently negotiating some contracts with other entities. The team have succeeded in putting arrangements in place for GLOBESOL's maiden Executive Boot Camp for aspiring entrepreneurs, and another for businesses and start-ups respectively, slated for the 18th to 29th June and 2nd to 6th July, 2018.

Emmanuel is surely an agent of change; his innovative social enterprise is worth the applause. His company has, and still contributing to solve the critical issue of unemployment in Ghana and in Africa at large.

Connect and get interactive with Emmanuel Ossom

Tel: 0554516685

Email:[email protected]

Visit for his upcoming Executive Boot Camp for aspiring Entrepreneurs.

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