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As part of our Starter Pack Program, and to create a sense of recognition, we emailed a business profile survey to all SMEs and created a short profile of people who responded. Today we present another serious minded Ghanaian entrepreneur.

Meet Ebenezer Koomson, a 32 years old Ghanaian who completed Opportunity Industrialization Centre, a National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) in Ghana.

Ebenezer describes himself as someone with a strong sense of entrepreneurship to help improve lives of people. This characteristic of his explains his selfless contribution towards a positive societal transformation.

This young man decided to establish his own transport service so that unemployed people who are good in driving can have profitable work to do. According to him, he generated the idea a few years back when he was a bus conductor (mate). He discussed the idea with a few trusted people who were already running a similar business.

After some months, he began his transport service with his little job savings. He narrated that few he encountered serious challenges but his determination to achieve his goals, coupled with hardwork and discipline, he was able to overcome to a high extent those unpleasant situations.

Since he started the business on the grounds of effective resource management, he has achieved a lot for society and has been able to fend for his family and also finance his daughter to an international school at Akosombo, Ghana, something he definitely couldn’t have done if he was probably working as a bus conductor.

Ebenezer is still pulling through to gain national recognition, he welcomes support from individuals and entities to revamp his business and move it to the next level. Help support him now.

Connect and get interactive with Ebenezer.

Tel: 0245207385